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[sticky post] D/C Fanfiction Master Post

All fic listed here is Dean/Cas - please see individual entries for further tags and warnings (some of these works have been updated - the most recent versions are available at AO3, please click for link).

Series and Big Bangs:

The Sawdust Men
(links to masterpost): NC-17, ~123,000, Dystopian, Alternate-History, Prison-camp AU. angst and drama, DCBB 2014

Pies and Prejudice (links to masterpost): NC-17, ~98,000, Pride and Prejudice AU, Modern setting, Baking, romantic comedy, DCBB 2013

The Ghosts of Blackthorn Hall (links to masterpost): NC-17, ~95,000 words, Jane Eyre/SPN AU written for the 2012 DCBB.
A Night at Hyde Place: NC-17, ~7000 words, follow-up to Ghosts of Blackthorn, mostly porn.

The Wrong Side of Right: ~3000 words, alternate universes, very light angst and some innocent fluff.
Daydream Believer: NC-17, ~1300 words, fluffy stuff.
Fabric of your flesh: NC-17, ~5000 words, kinda nasty speculative purgatory fic (written after season 7 finale), read the warnings.
The One: PG, ~6000 words, post-series fic, kinda fluffy in a weird way, no warnings.

Leave me in the Dark: ~600 words, angst, post season 6 finale (also the first thing I ever wrote, so don't laugh).
The Silent Night: ~700 words, Endverse.
Baptism: ~400 words, inspired by a photo.

The Sawdust Men - Chapter 14b

(would not fit into one post - AO3 is better!)


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